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Before Elvis there was nothing....

                                                    John Lennon


And after Him not much....

                                                    Lex Raaphorst

more (under)statements about the King

Welcome to my Elvis Presley-site.

You can find my famous :-) reviews, over 700 Elvis song lyrics, the index of more than 200 albums and lots of pictures at this site.

This means you can find it when you learn to handle those strange buttons on the left. They are all Elvis-titles and to me it's quite obvious what they mean, but if you are in trouble, just have a little patience and a hint text will appear...

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I do not sell anything through this page, it is only here to honour Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll a.k.a. The Memphis Flash and Elvis the Pelvis (among many more nicknames). Of course I hope to serve all Elvis Presley fans all over the world with collecting all the information, lyrics, albums, songs, pictures and reviews on this Elvis-site.


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